Thursday, 25.11.2021, the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (C.N.A.I.R. S.A.) signed the contract for the Elaboration of the Pre-Feasibility Study and the Feasibility Study for “Bucharest-Targoviste Express Road” with the bidder of the pre-feasibility statement.
The value of the service contract is 11,515,926.40 lei without VAT. Funding is provided by European Grants from the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM).
The start order was issued on 14.02.2022, and the deadlines are:
• 2 months: Pre-feasibility study.
• 23 months: Feasibility Study (18 months), Technical Assistance to the Beneficiary to support funding, and Technical Assistance to the Beneficiary for the procedure for awarding the Design and Execution of Works (4 months), Final Financial Report (1 month).
The aim of the project is the elaboration of the Pre-Feasibility Study and the Feasibility Study for the Bucharest – Târgoviște Expressway. At the same time, by elaborating the studies, the connection will be made with the Belt Highway sector of Bucharest North Municipality and with the Găești – Târgoviște – Ploiești Express Road, ensuring the connectivity of Târgoviște municipality to the main transport network.

Monday, 14.02.2022, the opening meeting took place regarding the implementation of the service contract Elaboration of Prefeasibility Study and Feasibility Study for “Bucharest-Targoviste Express Road”, attended by the representatives of Provider S.C. TPF ENGINEERING S.R.L. and representatives of C.N.A.I.R S.A.

The agenda of the meeting focused on the following topics: informing the Provider regarding the implementation of the Services Contract: Elaboration of a Pre-Feasibility Study and Feasibility Study for the “Bucharest-Targoviste Express Road”; aspects regarding the observance of the contractual provisions and of the terms provided in the contract; issues regarding the Designer’s Expert Team (personal mobilization); data room and site, necessary for the implementation of the contract.

The Prefeasibility Study was approved within: CTE CNAIR SA – approval no. 5231/07.07.2022, CTE MTI – approval no. 108/117/05.08.2022 and Ministry of Finance – approval no. 480425/29.11.2022, and in accordance with the contractual provisions, Phase 1- elaboration of the Prefeasibility Study was completed.

On 13 December 2022, notification was issued on the start date of Phase II of the Contract – Elaboration of the Feasibility Study. The start date for Stage II – Elaboration of the Feasibility Study is 9 January 2023, with a duration of 18 months.